Tech Spec

At The Venue we have a 350 capacity concert hall with a Nexo Geo P.A. consisting of…
2 x RS18 dual subs
2 x GEO M1012
2 x GEO M1025
2 x ID24s
2 x Nexo 4×2 amps
  • Allen & Heath SQ6 Audio Mixing Console
  • Allen & Heath AR2412 Audio Rack
  • Turbosound TCS-15M wedges
  • Martin Rush Par 1 LED spots, EuroliteTMH-X3 LED moving heads & Fresnel front wash lights
  • DMX Chauvet Haze/Fogger
  • Various Shure Vocal & Instrumental Mics inc SM58, SM57, PG57, e604, Beta 52 & Beta 91
  • D.I. Boxes
  • 27′ x 11’ Stage
  • Professional furnished green-room with full size mirror, beer fridge, tea, coffee and wifi.

Got a band? Then book in at Dumfries’ premier place to play, email Simon on [email protected] to arrange a gig.

The Green Room

The Zebra Lounge (The Green Room)

The Stage

The Main Stage (The Ballroom)